Steven Thomas Walsh

Steven Thomas Walsh was born and raised in the birthplace of Kodak; Rochester, NY. He graduated high school and began his career, as an Anthropology student. Upon completing the first semester of his senior year at Stony Brook University, he traveled to London and York in the UK to visit York University. He was thrilled with the school, and applied immediately following the flight home. Sadly, 2 months before graduation he was rejected from York University. Left with no prospects, he asked his parents for a DSLR for a graduation gift. Being the first to graduate college on his father's half of the family, they obliged. 

From there he began taking photographs of his own little world around Rochester, NY. Then Steven met a man, who shall remain nameless, who inspired him and brought him along on many adventures from exploring more of Rochester to California and New York City. Before traveling Steven sent out several applications for photography school, one to RIT, one to FIT, and one to Camberwell College of the Arts in London, UK. He was accepted to all three and made his decision to attend FIT for the competitive program and, well, it's New York City.

He is a graduate of the photography program in NYC and has been inspired not only by his past relationships, but his currents friends, teachers, and the ever changing world around him that is New York City. His passion for the craft is so that his goals are to create art and pass along the knowledge he has obtained.

The journey has continued throughout his time in New York City. He has met many wonderful individuals, one in particular who has captured his mind and his heart and inspired him beyond words. This particular relationship has been a source of inspiration for most of his favorite series including "Bodies" and "Visao". Now currently based in Orlando, Florida, he is constantly searching for new sources of inspiration. He is also continuing his "Alone" series at Walt Disney World, a place that is comparable to Manhattan and also yet has deeper meaning because of the inherent connotation associated with Disney.

Having left behind NYC and all it encompassed, the muses have changed but the effect is the same. His new love has bestowed upon him gifts of vintage cameras and witchcraft and sparked a new line of inspiration via Polaroid's and the spiritual nature of being. New loves have entered and replaced the old, withered ones with new perspectives and fresh ideas. 
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Day in the Life of Gay America, Advocate Magazine (online and print) - November 2011
Online Edition

One page spread in Kiss-Fist online magazine - October 2010
Kiss-Fist Magazine

2nd Place for contest from Bliss PR Firm in NYC: Images displayed in their office - Jan 2012

One page spread in Kiss-Fist online magazine - March 2013
Kiss-Fist Magazine

Interviewed and featured on Featured Pixels - February 2013
Featured Pixels Interview


1) AAS Show - Fashion Institute of Technology, May 2012
2) 4th Floor Gallery, Fred A. Pomerantz Arts & Design Center - Fashion Institute of Technology, 2012
3) Marriage Equality New York - Fashion Institute of Technology, April 2013

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